For lunch try a few plates. We recommend 5 for 2.
Note: beside our baos, everything is meant to be shared.

  • Taiwanese beef bao 🌶️6
    Braised beef, pickled mustard, coriander
  • Char siu tofu bao 🥬6
    Char siu marinated tofu, deepfried, pickled pak choi and hoisin mayo.
  • Kinilaw14
    Filipino cevice made with Hake. Served with a shrimp leche de tigre
  • kaprao Mussels16
    Mussels stir-fried with garlic and chilies, oyster sauce and thai basil
  • lamb wontons (4p)13
    Deep fried lamb wontons, crispychili, sichuan and sesame dressing, raspberry gel and lettuce.
  • Seasonal mushrooms 🥬14
    A stir-fry of seasonal mushrooms, seasoned with a Vietnamese vinaigrette, mixed with coriander, mint and parsley
  • Pad See Ew noodles 🥬14
    Classic Thai Street food. Rice noodles stir-fried with garlic, eggs, mushroom oyster sauce and Chinese broccoli
  • Thai Boxing Chicken17
    Binchotan grilled Coucou de Malines, served with a classic Nam Jim Jaew dipping sauce
  • Add rice2

Today's special

Cured and pan-fried salmon, served with bimis, kale, snow peas and green curry espuma.

The dessert

Meringue, coconut milk ice cream, mango & kalamansi gel, pineapple in lemongrass and galangal syrup, roasted coconut, apricot and lychee.

Any allergies? Please let us know