I like everything

  • Taiwanese beef bao
    Braised beef, pickled mustard greens, coriander
  • Kinilaw
    Filipino device made with Hake. Served with a shrimp leche de tigre
  • Lamb Wontons
    Deep fried lamb wontons, crispy chili, Sichuan and sesame dressing, raspberry gel and lettuce
  • The softshell crab & the octopus
    Deep fried soft shell crab, octopus, fish sauce caramel, pickled shallots, coriander and birds eye chili
  • Thai Boxing chicken
    Binchotan grilled Coucou de Malines, served with a classic Nam Jim Jaew dipping sauce

The dessert

Meringue, coconut milk ice cream, mango & kalamansi gel, pineapple in lemongrass and galangal syrup, roasted coconut, apricot and lychee.

Any allergies? Please let us know